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About Momentum Hosts Mark and Leona Kimball

Married on October 22, 2014, Mark and Leona Kimball picked up roots a month later and moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to follow God’s call for ministry. Both originating from Southern California and each previously married for over 25 years, they were confident that new beginnings were in the Designers hands.

Mark and Leona have learned to rely on faith, hope and love. The Holy Spirit has offered them recovery from life’s often painful circumstance, especially, the devastating loss of prior marriages. Through Jesus’s words and prayer they’re experiencing joy in finding new purpose each day. Focusing on spiritual growth and a path that moves forward in God’s will.

After arriving in the Milwaukee area, singles ministry was a natural path. Leona previously had found community and leadership opportunities as part of a Los Angeles based Christian Singles Community, which often had over 100 Christians in attendance. Mark’s calling was for men’s ministries. He led a Christian sports team ministry and participated in men’s conferences connected with the church he attended in California.

Other fun facts about the Kimball’s:

Mark is a baseball and softball enthusiast with over 50 years of playing the game.

Leona is a former vocational instructor in the performing arts.

Mark can be found on YouTube, hosting How-to videos.

Leona consults with large corporations and non-profits, including religious organizations.

On their first New Years day in Milwaukee, at 9 degrees, they celebrated by taking the Polar Plunge into Lake Michigan and were interviewed on Channel 6 News.

Both love being active and interests include; Boating, bicycling, hiking, dancing and snow sports.

Mark and Leona continue to be invited for guest speaking engagements to singles groups, where they share reflections on single life, including – mistakes made, parables discovered, verses that renew, humor over lessons learned and comfort through a loving God.